There are many health benefits of eating spicy food. It can help you to keep cool, this is mainly because spicy food makes you sweat and the evaporating sweat has a cooling effect on your body, this may be a temporary fix but in the long term eating spicy Thai food is a good choice of food to eat to beat the heat, it helps to thin the blood and improving circulation. As well as causing sweating, this heat also opens up your sinuses which is good if you happen to be suffering with a cold or flu.

Benefits of spicy food are not restricted to the circulatory system, capsaicin is also said to slow the growth of cancer cells, fight inflammation and bacteria and speed up your metabolism which in turn helps you lose weight. Spicy food also boosts your endorphin levels and gives you a feel good factor, helps you to sleep more easily and is thought to reduce the risk of brain and nervous disorders. Chilli peppers have high quantities vitamins A and C, red peppers contain high levels of beta caratone.

Other spices found in Thai food are ginger and turmeric. The benefits of eating ginger are relief of arthritis pain, ginger is also a proven remedy for motion sickness and nausea, it has anti inflammatory properties and has even been used as an aphrodisiac. Turmeric too has anti inflammatory qualities, plus anti bacterial and painkilling properties.

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